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Cry Baby...
My story takes place in the late 60s in California. I was 9 years old at the time. My older sister (16 years older than me!) and her husband had just had their first child. They rented and moved into a 2 bedroom house in a suburb of L.A. At the time I lived with my mother and step father in a different suburb in the same area. We went for a visit one Saturday for a barbeque. After supper we were all in the living room talking, the baby was asleep in the "nursery", the second bedroom in the house. We heard him start crying and Mom got up to go get him and my sister told her it was not him that was crying. We were all surprised at that statement and when Mom asked her what she meant, she said that they quite often heard a baby crying in the house that was not their son. Mom, not knowing what to think, went into the bedroom and found her grandson sleeping peacefully. After she came out, my sister and her husband told us about the other "anomalies " that were happening in their new home. These are the ones that I remember. There was a swinging door between the kitchen and the dining room that wouldn't stay closed half the time. Sometimes it would be seen opening completely up and staying that way. The other half of the time it wouldn't stay open. They could put books or anything else heavy to prop it open and would come back later to find it had been pushed to the closed position, moving the door stops with it. My sister and her husband both worked day shift so they would get up early in the morning. They were both coffee drinkers. They would set up the percolator coffee pot at night so all they had to do was turn on the burner under it in the morning. They had a gas stove. Several mornings they woke up to find the coffee was made and hot, it had been brewed before they woke up. They lived in the house one month and moved out, they couldn't take the goings-on there.

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Ghostly Images

spaceyBack Seat Ghost
              Taken in 1959 by Mable Chinnery, this famous ghost photo has an intriguing story.
              After visiting the grave of her mother, Mable turned and took a picture of her
              husband, who was waiting for her in the car. What Mable didn't expect was her
              mother coming along for the ride!

spaceyGuardian Angel?
        This photograph was taken at the scene of a car wreck where the occupants
        walked away and seems to show a ghostly image, perhaps a guradian angel?

Ghostly Soldier
                        This intriguing photo, taken in 1919, was first published in 1975 by Sir
                        Victor Goddard, a retired R.A.F. officer. The photo is a group portrait
                        of Goddard's squadron, which had served in World War I aboard the HMS
                        Daedalus. An extra ghostly face appears in thephoto. In back of the airman
                        positioned on the top row, fourth from the left, can clearly be seen the
                        face of another man. It is said to be the face of Freddy Jackson, an air
                        mechanic who had been accidentally killed by an airplane propeller two days
                        earlier. His funeral had taken place on the day this photograph was snapped.
                        Members of the squadron easily recognized the face as Jackson's. It has been
                        suggested that Jackson, unaware of his death, decided to show up for the group photo.

spaceyTombstone Ghost
              "This is the photo that changed my opinion about ghost photos," says Terry Ike Clanton,
              who runs the website. Clanton is an actor, recording artist and cowboy
              poet, and is also a cousin of the legendary Clanton Gang who clashed with the Earps and
              Doc Holliday at the famous gunfight at OK Corral. Clanton took this photo of his friend
              at Boothill Graveyard. The photo was taken in black and white because he wanted Old West
              looking pictures of himself dressed in Clanton's 1880-period clothes. Clanton took the
              film for developing to the local Thrifty Drug Store, and when he got it back was startled
              at what he saw. Among the gravestones, just to the right of his friend, is the image of
              what appears to be a thin man in a dark hat. By height, the man appears to be either
              legless, kneeling... or rising up out of the ground.
spaceyTombstone Ghost CloseUp

I took this picture in New Hampshire just a few years ago.
I actually took four or five out there about the same spot
and this is the ONLY one that had any orbs except for one
orb almost out of the picture on one photo. Make of it
what you will, I felt uneasy at the time, before the pic
was taken even, like someone was watching me. Nice orbs
anyway, huh... That area is known to be near several sites
where there were fierce battles between settlers and Native

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