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Care & Feeding Of Your Giant SpiderHappy Halloween!

Thorns...Blood, Sweet Rose
Aahhh, I see you have ignored my warnings
and have come for a visit! Excelle
You have now reached the depths o
f the is here the Evil One lu
watching and waiting for the Nigh
t of
Demons to come to this world once
It has been nearly a year since H
tasted the air above ground, since
looked upon a human form and watc
hed his
brother, Death, take them to their
and He's getting very restless
anticipation! He's had to satisf
y his
twisted cravings on the few wh
o have
wandered unknowingly into His
mostly small creatures of the
trying to escape the light of day
and the
smell of the humans.....their mi
sery is
over now, and His time nears on
ce again.
Halloween is what the mortals
call it,
to Him it will be fulfilment of
purpose and satisfaction of Hi
s dark
cravings.....Come into his lair n
ow and
meet the Evil One face to face
him embrace your soul and inha
le your
very essence.....Become one
with Him, for
His terrifying rewards
are many and his
hunger for fresh blood grows.....
     Demon Red Pools...

The Master

The Evil One shows no mercy because none has ever been shown to him....
He has lived in the bowels of the earth since the beginning of time, long before there
was life as we know it....Living in darkness, loathing in darkness, He derives pleasure
only from His victim's pain....and His cravings are never satisfied for long....He hunts
constantly for some form of life to dominate, something to amuse Him while His hunger
is fed, if only for a short time....Strange, He doesn't seem to be any where near today....
He's usually always here....You don't suppose....Did you leave your loved ones alone?
Oh, my! It could be that He won't wait for Halloween this year....

The Master's Brother... Death!                                   
"When my hungry Brother has satisfied His desires with you, it
will be MY TURN! And my turn will last an ETERNITY....."

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