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Happy Halloween!!!

Good Evening, and WELCOME to my nightmare!
Here you will find many frightening sights to behold....all with one thing in common:
Be warned! Venturing deeper into the caverns can be hazardous to your health, well-being
and spiritual sanity. Take a good look around before beginning this journey, it could
be your last....hug your loved ones tight and say your good-byes now....
The Evil One
awaits and should you encounter
Him....His cravings WILL be satisfied regardless of the outcome.
No one will hear your screams except those already in
His grasp....and they aren't able
to help themselves, much less you....You better bundle up, it's as cold as Death inside....
But the deeper you go, the
hotter it will become....Please sign my Deadbook (below)
after your journey....Or perhaps it would be best if you signed it now....

Enter Here...IF YOU DARE!

Lots of the graphics on my Halloween Pages are linked to images
and other pages. Have fun exploring but watch where you step...
Lots of different creatures live in Casey's Caverns!

Come join us! This
Halloween Horror
site owned by

Casey's Halloween Cavern
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